Life is still beautiful

I will start of this with a story which I heard recently. Story goes like this,

One day it suddenly started raining in a park. People started taking the shelter in nearby sheds. All were busy abusing the rain. Some of them started abusing the traffic that will be caused because of this rain. All of them tried to protect themselves from the rain. Then one gentle man came with his daughter holding his hand. They too took the shelter in that shed. While the father was busy on the phone his kid was playing with drops of the water. There were around 15 people in the shed all were grownups expect this little girl, Among all the people in the shed the only one enjoying the rain was this little girl. All others are abusing the rain and after effect of the rain. While everyone trying to protect from rain and busy in analyzing after effects of rain, this little girl was enjoying every moment of it. She was pushing her hands to reach the drop of the rain and playing with them.

When we were kids everyone used to enjoy the rain and it is actually beautiful thing. But as we grow older we started shielding ourselves away from enjoying such moments. In the above story little girl was all with her open arms and all grown up are hiding away from it. As we become older we started covering our self with some shield of worry of future and past.

The next day morning when I was going for jogging I was remembering this story and started realizing beautiful flowers around me. From so many months I was visiting the same road or garden but never i have seen the flowers the way I was seeing that day. Actually I started enjoying beauty of the flowers. And I soon realized there were 100 of different types of flowers of different colors and different shapes within the same road I was going but never admired the beauty. I felt great that day.

I was slowly realizing what is happened to us. We have all grown up. As we became older we started to cover us with umbrella from enjoying all the small joys of life.

Life is still beautiful we need to remove the shield covering around us and live in the present and bring back the child within us.

I am uploading photos of flowers which I took in my garden and on the way to my morning walk.




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