Life is still beautiful

I will start of this with a story which I heard recently. Story goes like this,

One day it suddenly started raining in a park. People started taking the shelter in nearby sheds. All were busy abusing the rain. Some of them started abusing the traffic that will be caused because of this rain. All of them tried to protect themselves from the rain. Then one gentle man came with his daughter holding his hand. They too took the shelter in that shed. While the father was busy on the phone his kid was playing with drops of the water. There were around 15 people in the shed all were grownups expect this little girl, Among all the people in the shed the only one enjoying the rain was this little girl. All others are abusing the rain and after effect of the rain. While everyone trying to protect from rain and busy in analyzing after effects of rain, this little girl was enjoying every moment of it. She was pushing her hands to reach the drop of the rain and playing with them.

When we were kids everyone used to enjoy the rain and it is actually beautiful thing. But as we grow older we started shielding ourselves away from enjoying such moments. In the above story little girl was all with her open arms and all grown up are hiding away from it. As we become older we started covering our self with some shield of worry of future and past.

The next day morning when I was going for jogging I was remembering this story and started realizing beautiful flowers around me. From so many months I was visiting the same road or garden but never i have seen the flowers the way I was seeing that day. Actually I started enjoying beauty of the flowers. And I soon realized there were 100 of different types of flowers of different colors and different shapes within the same road I was going but never admired the beauty. I felt great that day.

I was slowly realizing what is happened to us. We have all grown up. As we became older we started to cover us with umbrella from enjoying all the small joys of life.

Life is still beautiful we need to remove the shield covering around us and live in the present and bring back the child within us.

I am uploading photos of flowers which I took in my garden and on the way to my morning walk.




Self Organizing Teams

My Idea of Self Organizing teams are the teams which does day to day jobs with minimal or no guidance from the higher management.

This might be useful for any manager or any entrepreneur managing more then a one team. Also in start-up environments usually CIOS who required to do lot of activity and managing different teams would involve lot of time to be spent on managing the teams on daily basis. In an dynamic working environment usually managers would be busy on travel or in important meetings. It would be difficult to manage the team because priorities will keep them busy with other important things. In such scenarios Self Organizing teams would be very useful which will take care of the smooth functioning of the regular work.

Managers then can concentrate more on problem areas  and have reviews of the team whenever they feel it is necessary.

Self Organizing teams have greatly helped me.  Being a Chief Architect i would require lot of time on designing  system architecture and i was also responsible for delivery of the systems as we don’t have managerial structure being a small company. I have developed small Hand Guide for anyone who is interested in this concept.

NOTE: Hand Guide is written keeping in mind for software development teams. But can be easily customized for any type of teams.

Self Organizing Teams

Hand Guide (Software Development Team)

     Team Lead – Senior Team Member.

Scrum Master – Every week 1 team member will be scrum Master(If someone if absent, Team lead will tell other team member to be scrum master).

Team Member– every member of the team is team member.

  • Daily Stand up meeting (before 10.30 AM)- Every day morning one should have standup meeting
    1. Discuss on last working day’s status.
    2. Plan for the day’s Task and arrive at Tasks to be complete List.
  • Responsibilities of Team Member
    1. Respect Scrum master and Team leader’s calls for meeting and status updates.
    2. Correctly judge day’s work and complete the task accordingly
    3. Commit and Checkout the code everyday from SVN/Bugs to entered/updated in bug tracking tool
    4. Help peers whenever needed
    5. Code reviews
    6. At the day’s end give the Tasks status to Scrum Master/Team Lead
  • Responsibilities of Scrum Master
    1. All responsibilities of team member.
    2. Conduct the Stand up meetings every day before 10.30
    3. Make minutes of Meeting notes for standup meetings.
    4. Get the status from meetings from members of team.
    5. Send Day’s Status Mail to Manager, HR and CC to team member
  • Responsibilities of Team Lead (If Team Lead is absent, A Team member will take the responsibilities)
    1. All responsibilities of Team member.
    2. Conduct the Stand up meetings every day before 10.30.
    3. Solve team’s concerns regarding technical understanding, functional and any other concerns.
    4. Asses the time taken to complete tasks.
    5. Code reviews.
    6. Release Plans to QA team and ensure the developers have done sanity testing and followed the Checklist document.
    7. Single point of communication to Client for status updates, functional reviews, issue resolving etc.
    8. Should be available during office hours for client support.
    9. Communicate to all the related teams to facilitate common understanding between stake holders of concerned projects


You can contact me in case you need to talk to.  Comments and suggestions are much appreciated.